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About Jents and "DURAL-G"
DURAL-G (Graphited Duralumin) is an antifriction material that ensures a proper slip even in abnormal conditions of work (e.g. when starting or shutting down the rotation of the pin in the bearing box). Details...
Studies made by Schilling, Babicev, Coffin, etc. recommend Al alloys for the three reasons presented underneath:

- gripping resistance
- wearing resistance
- endurance strength


- compression strength: 340-540 MPa (N/mm2)
- working temperature up to 300 Degrees Centigrade
- hardness: 85-110 HB
- abrasion coefficient: 0.187

Graphite Structure has bond function for metallic structure and of solid grease for the friction couple.

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- Running duration 15 % larger than in bronzes.
- Double anti-gripping safety
- metal couples that don’t form alloys
- graphite mass with the role of "solid ointment".

In the Al malleable structure are included hard and plastic particles.
The graphite mass is chemically and thermally stable and has properties of ointment at heavy loads.


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